Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I love this woman's work....

Vaishali is an amazing woman, who has so much knowledge to share on healing oneself naturally without the scourge of pharmacueticals. Here's a wonderful article from her.

What if healing was about energy and not about pharmaceuticals?

What I love about the Eastern sciences of self-healing is their comprehensive approach to managing and understanding the human experience. For example, in our accepted paradigm here in the West, “health” is considered the absence of illness. I cannot even begin to express how myopically offensive that is from an Eastern point-of-view. In reality, illness starts out very slowly, gradually moving out of balance with subtle energies that don’t even register on most people’s awareness radar. From an Indian, Tibetan Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine paradigm everything is energy in motion or in stasis. These sciences specialize in examining how the subtle energies that organize your body’s constitution are balanced:
• What are the qualities of these energies?
• What is the configuration of these energies?
• What and where are the energies in excesses
• What and where are the energies in deficiencies?
• What and where are these energies too dry, too
hot, too wet or too cold?
Already you can see the conversation is straying from the familiar
allopathic confines of a numbers game: weight, blood pressure,
cholesterol count, etc.
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