Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Self Development is amazing in helping heal depression

I am a latecomer to personal development, I didn't start reading Paul McKenna and Tony Robbins until my mid thirties in an attempt to improve my career. However, now, I love this arena of knowledge, and I sign up for every seminar, webinar, course and programme that I can. In fact, I have so much wonderful information coming into my email inbox anymore I can't listen, read and absorb it all.
What I have found is that as I move forward with my personal development programmes, as I uncover the fears I hold deep in my psyche, and as then I release them, I feel less and less pain, less and less depression, I am able to be be more authentically and honestly and am more able to help others.
It all starts internally. Sure, none of us want to face those things, we've buried them deep for a reason, we fear them and their power to hurt us, but you do have to feel the fear, pass through the pain and come out the other side to heal yoruself. And you can do, of course you can. Find the system that supports you and go for it. Start slow and move forward a little every day. Go on, I'll catch you if you fall, but I know you won't.

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