Friday, 28 September 2012

Logic for Living

After become sidetracked from being hurt, some people fail to recover. They end up emotionally or spiritually paralyzed, unable to get beyond the hurt they feel even after a long amount of time.
There’s no 12-step program to fix this problem. If something like that works for you, great. But if not, here are a few other ideas.
1. Don’t be bitter; be neutral. What happened wasn’t OK, but bitterness will end up hurting you even more, as you relive the experience over and over again. Don't let whomever hurt you live rent free in your head. Let it go.
2. Reevaluate your life.Recovery is always a good time to look at what you’re doing and determine if you are finding fulfillment through it. Did something teach you that life is short? You’re a survivor for a reason, so make it count.
3. Do the things you were told you couldn’t do.If someone said you would never amount to anything, go and prove them wrong. Don’t do it for their attention, and don’t expect them to acknowledge it later. Do it for yourself.
4. Prove yourself wrong. Most people who have been sidetracked have allowed low expectations from someone else to come into their own life somewhere. You don’t need to prove anything to someone else, but proveyourself wrong and learn to set higher expectations.
5. Refuse to believe that you’ll never be truly OK. Why can’t you fully recover? Maybe you can, maybe you can’t, but don’t rule it out right from the start with the belief that you’ll always be a victim.
Often the people who have been hurt the most are the ones who go on to true greatness. They’ve seen the other side, and they’ll do anything to make something better for themselves and those around them.
The best news some of these people can hear is, “You don’t have to be afraid anymore.”
What a crazy idea! Oh, and this is good too:
“I can be changed by what happened to me, but I refuse to be reduced to it.” -Maya Angelou

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