Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mental health care is one of the critical yet often unmet needs in many communities

Longmont and Boulder County's champion for mental health care

Posted: 09/22/2012 01:00:00 AM MDT

, measured by the reduction of beds dedicated to such care in hospitals and by the increased pressure on law enforcement agencies to deal with the mentally ill on the streets and in jails.
The stigma of mental illness hinders efforts to help those who suffer.
But the efforts of so many in Boulder County over decades provides hope to residents here who have learned not to suffer with mental illness but to treat it, live with it and succeed in life.
Mental Health Partners is celebrating 50 years in service, and the community should celebrate, too. The organization, dedicated to "serving the mental health needs of individuals, families and communities in Boulder and Broomfield counties," partners with dozens of other organizations and agencies to build creative solutions to mental health needs and to deliver those solutions to communities.
Examples of that work have been reported in the pages of this newspaper. Mental Health Partners has worked to encourage family support and provide job opportunities for its clients, and has placed caregivers deep into communities so that those who need help don't have far to go. And it has made that care affordable.
Residents with mental illness are part of our personal networks, part of our communities and can be contributors to the betterment of society. Mental Health Partners recognizes this, and it's what has this organization's efforts worthy of celebration.
Happy 50th, MHP. Our communities are healthier because of you.

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