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mindfulness Mindfulness
Mindfulness is becoming a very popular technique these days. Especially within meditation. The it can also be used outside of meditation. As part of a different lifestyle routine.

It is a technique that has been around for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. The true origin is somewhat difficult to pin down. Largely due to what it is. Along with how it is done.
In the main the majority of people view it as a Buddhist technique. Yet it is possible that there are origins pre-dating that. Certainly if you work with the Kybalion and teachings of Hermes then roots can be found there.


Often mindfulness is seen as a type of meditation. Indeed it can be used in that way.
Yet it is in totality so much more.

It is a way of thinking. A way of being.

In fact if you subscribe to the law of attraction and teachings of Abraham in any way, it is pretty much a must.

The generally accepted terms around mindfulness are that it is:

The bringing your full attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis.
Paying attention in a non-judgemental manner, that is on purpose, and within the present moment.

A type of non-elaborating, judgement free, present moment centred awareness, within which every thought, sensation and feeling which arises in your field of attention is acknowledged then accepted as it is.

This is also very much akin to the Soto school of Zen. As a meditation that is.
Certainly in that many believe that mindfulness is a Buddhist technique this shows a lineage and strong relationship. One that can be traced back many hundreds of years.

In that the Soto school of Zen teaches focus on current thought, within meditation. Yet from a purely observational point. Allowing the thoughts to come, then go. Without interruption. Free from disturbance and judgement. Just viewing them and releasing them naturally.
So there are meditation techniques that parallel and flow with mindful activity.


Mindfulness can be expanded from this too. It can be used as a foundation for truly positive thinking.

This is done by dropping negativity initially. Through being non-judgemental. Then seeing, acknowledging, the positive that is there in all situations.

This last point may seem controversial. However it does hold. Take an extreme, like a natural disaster, or any disaster for that matter. Something which causes devastation and upheaval on a grand scale. There is a common positive with such things.

People become closer. The spirit of humanity and caring comes out strongly. They expand their own capacity for compassion as they do things for others. That is a positive. Though others can be found on a personal level too.


This is a great foundation for anyone doing Law of Attraction work. The reason? It creates a greater harmonic with good things. The very things you wish to bring in to your life.

When you focus on the negatives. When you allow your attention to rest on negativity. When you dwell on unpleasant things. That is the energy you identify with. It is where your energy goes. As such, on an unconscious level, you end up bringing more of it to you. You invite in “more of what you don’t want”.

So by working with Mindfulness. Neutralising those negatives by being non-judgemental.
Then expand into acknowledging the positives, as you see them for you. You begin to invite in more of what you want. You set up a powerful attractor for what it is that you actually do want in your life.

Granted you can add additional thought on that you would like things to happen in a more positive way. The detail on this is delving deeper into Law of Attraction work though.


In working with mindful behaviour you open up a new way of enjoying life. That is, when you expand it into a waking experience. Working with it moment by moment. Integrating it as part of your daily living. It yields an opportunity for blissful enjoyment of your life.
Mindful behaviour is something which can easily integrate into all aspects of your life. Applying it at home, at work, when you are in the car, or wherever.

When you do this you invite a quantum shift in terms of calmness into your life.
You can become the essence of calm so to speak. By behaving in a mindful way you develop a non-stick relationship with negativity and stress. It can just roll off you and flow away.
That has to be worthwhile.

Hence it is always an element that I recommend for anyone who is desiring a stress free life.

Meditation How To Be Stress Free Mindfulness


Within meditation it can provide a great means for stress relief too. Centring on the present moment. Excluding all else. Breathing. Noticing the things around you. Cultivating an appreciation for what you see. For what you hear. For what you smell.
Acknowledging and releasing. Flowing with yourself and being in the moment.
By allowing all other thought to disappear you slide into a state of very deep relaxation.

Deep relaxation, who doesn’t crave that?

You can also expand beyond that if you wish to. You can take it to an alternate point in time within your meditation. Applying the same methodology to other moments. Basically you can use it to review, and in doing so release stress.

This is something which, within your meditation, works incredibly effectively. When you allow it to. Though the best thing is to incorporate mindful behaviour as a part of your living experience of life. A constant, ever present thing. Then you can flow bliss through every part of your life.


The more you work with mindful behaviour the more you will see how to apply it to other things. It goes way beyond a meditation technique. Though applying it during your day to day movement could be viewed as a waking meditation.

“Mindfulness, also called wise attention, helps us see what we’re adding to our experiences, not only during meditation sessions but also elsewhere.”
Sharon Salzberg
In viewing it this way it becomes easier to understand how you can achieve calm on a constant level. You still interact in a waking state. Conscious and in control.
Going about your daily life. Driving. Working. Spending time with the family. Interacting with other people. Doing the shopping.

You become able to drop the judgement, the negativity, easily though. Why is this a good thing?

Well, how do you feel when you judge others? When you have negativity about anything? What does it feel like in your gut? How does your head, your body, your mind feel? What kinds of emotion or sensation are present? Are they pleasant, or something else?

In general negative feelings and emotions go hand in hand with negative thoughts and judgement.

Basically creating ill feeling and disharmony within your body. Dragging you down into a mess of unpleasantness. Bogging you down. Holding you back. Cycling into further feelings of negativity and restriction.

“The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.”
Pema Chödrön
So when you release the hold of negativity. Opting for judgement free mindfulness. You take on positive feeling internally. Which then goes on to display externally too.

To positive feeling comes from feeling in harmony with life. It is there to tell you that things are as they should be. Highlighting that you are doing the right things. That life is flowing as it should. That you are in control and going to where you should be.
mindfulness your path Mindfulness
Mindfulness And Meditation: Help to find your path
That is the reason for good feeling. In operating in a mindful way. In taking mindfulness into your life on a deep level. You become able to tune yourself to your natural path. Your natural flow. The way you are meant to be and live.

Bringing you expanded freedom. Freeing you to fully enjoy your own life. Immaterial of your present situation or where you are. Happiness only hinges on your acceptance of it, on your welcoming it into your experience of living.

The further effect of welcoming happiness in through mindfulness is that you actively attract more happiness and goodness to you. You set up a powerful magnet for joy being present within your life.

That is a major reason that it is such an amazing technique to work with.


Working with mindfulness is indeed a behavioural choice. Especially if you wish to integrate it fully with your life. The point of which is getting the best results for yourself.
Behavioural change takes different lengths of time for different people. Some take to it quickly, others even faster. Though none of that matters. All that matters is you. How long it takes you to be happy about it.

However long it takes you is perfect. However quickly you do it is just right. All that matters is your happiness and the experience you derive from it.

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.”
Thich Nhat Hanh
So what are the Meditation How To top tips around Mindfulness: Start using it in a way that you are comfortable with. Be that in meditation. Or in other situations. Work through the method in the how to section. Or use the mindfulness mp3 to help you get used to it. The top advice is incorporate it into your life as a fully integrated, moment by moment practice. Then you will maximise your opportunity for experiencing joy and happiness.

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