Monday, 24 September 2012

Energy Medicine is the future of medicine - Not to be missed event

For the first time ever, an Energy Medicine event designed by Donna Eden that features Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston, Alberto Villodo and many others. I have arranged for you to receive a very special discount on tickets to this live event, the International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine, September 26 - September 30 in San Diego, California.

Please enter "Lisa" for a $5 discount for Donna Eden's Tuesday night class.

If you can possibly make it, please try and attend this event. If you can, please register at:

Just type in "Lisa100", "Lisa25" or "Lisa10" for discounts at IGEEM, to save $100 on a whole event ticket, $25 off of the daily ticket, and $10 off of pre-event or post event class.

If you need any assistance and want to attend this event, you may call:
Roger Devenyns, Director of Administration, Innersource
IGEEM Convention Manager
(619) 519-0557 cell

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz "Energy Medicine is the future of medicine."

This is such an exciting area of research for the future well being of all people, that I truly want you to make it to San Diego to share in this profound information.

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