Sunday, 23 September 2012

Building Your Healthy Mind Toolkit

Maintenance is the key to keeping anything of value in good working order, it is important to have a daily practice to develop and keep good spiritual, emotional and mental health.
The following list are some of the 'tools' I keep to hand in my toolkit, and I'll expand on each in future posts.

Just like the tools for carpentry or plumbing, these will serve you in keeping yourself healthy and in good spirits for as long as you practise with them and take care of them. USE and improve!

A sense of personal responsibility for my life, my health and my happiness
Regular exercise
Daily exposure to natural air and light, nature.
A programme of energy healing, usually tapping (EFT) and/or The Healing codes
Keeping a pet - in my case, dogs
Taking care of one's appearance, grooming and holistive health care such as massage.
Talking it out, with counsellors, friends, colleagues
Helping others, contribution to my community
Looking for the good, accessing the silver lining and living in hope of tomorrow
Sleeping, not too much, and not too little
Maintaining a pleasant home environment
Learning from children
Listening to music
Eating well, not too much, and not too little
Finding and connecting with non-judgemental support
Forgiveness, of yourself and those who have hurt you
Asking for help
Daily routine
Taking advanced nutrition and supplements to restore your natural balance
Fasting and raw food diets to quickly restore optimum levels of health physically and mentally
Soltitude, going within, self acceptance
Journal writing, joiningg a writing group, keeping a feelings diary

And most importantly; Allow space for the divine to show up in your life, ask for help, follow your inspiration and intuition, grow, find your path and teach what you learn to others.

Avoid at all costs the following or at least use with extreme caution!
Alcohol/recreational drugs/junk food - anything you might use to mask your true feelings
Prescription drugs - obviously I'm going to say this, but you must check with your doctor before stopping a programme of prescribed drugs.
Meddlesome friends and family - they may mean well (hopefully), but they can make things so much worse
Psychiatrists and the mental health medical establishment - again simply my own personal belief, you need not attempt escape from your psychiatric hospital until you feel fully ready

I believe if you fully commit to practising the first list, you will never need to bother even reading the second one. Just stay on course, do what you can and keep thinking total wellness and health for you.

Love you all,

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