Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Food heals if you eat the RIGHT kind of food

Eating well can make us well from so many illnesses, fasting and raw food are the most extreme but they are also the fastest working. I love the work of Markus Rothkranz and highly recommend you sign up for his emails and purchase the Heal Yourself 101 ebook. Educational and easy to read, it really will help you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. Try eating well; cut out the junk, the processed, the sugary 'stuff' we cram down our necks even though we intuitively know there's no nutritional value to any of it. I know you don't want to admit it, but fruit and vegetables taste better than anything manmade.
Is it easy? No, I struggle daily with the struggle not to eat chocolate, but I do eat vegetables every day and I have cut out junk food and most processed foods including bread, so just the sugary stuff to go. And when I fast and juice, I feel so amazingly well, I just aloow myself to lose momentum. That's what I'm working on, keeping the discipline day after day. Try it, if I can you can.

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