Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Drugs Don't Work, Discover What Does! An Introduction

I see so much wrong with the so-called 'Medical Model', the model that so much of our healthcare system is based on, that I sometimes don't know where to start in listing it's faults.

Whilst I find it lacking in treating physical illness, it is in the arena of mental health that I find it's shortcomings so reprehensible. 

The cult of psychiatry, the pharmacuetical industry, whose motives are cloudy at best, and a person's disassociation with themselves all colloborate to create the tidal wave of mental distress that seems to have become pandemic in the modern world.

To start with, I take issue with the word 'mental', as I believe it is not merely a sickness of the mind but more emotional and spiritual pain that troubles most of us and gets labelled as depression, anxiety, personality disorder etc.

When we turn to our doctors demonstrating our pain and distress and asking for help, it's often because we feel unable to turn to family and friends; we feel ashamed, weak, anxious and distressed and occasionally we simply refuse to be vunerable in front of those who think they know us best.

And what do we get from our doctors? Not time, not a shoulder to cry on or support, and I fully appreciate that doctors are so overwhelmed with their patient load to give us what we truly need, instead they give us a prescription for pills.

Does anyone truly believe that an unnatural chemical compound, that usually comes with a list of side effects that are worse than the symptoms that drove you to the doctor's surgery, will actually make you feel better?

The drugs may sedate you, may suppress the feelings of distress and depression but they will never make you feel better. That's because they only target the symptoms, burying them, but they do not address the cause of your distress. They never ever will, they can't, only you can.

There are a number of website and books by people much more learned than I that lay out in great detail the horror of psychiatry amd the monstrous lie that is  the pharmacuetical 'cure'. Lies that are continually perpetuated by the pyschiatric industry in the endless drive for influence and profit. I'll give you a list of my favouraite in another post soon.

I'm not learned enough to do more than endorse the facts that others have uncovered. However, I instinctively, spiritually, logically and with every cell of my being simply know that the psychiatric and pharmacuetical industry are based on lies, and here in the 21st century they continue to poison and torture those who have entrusted themselves into the care of the mainstream mental health industry.

I will share the research of others and point you to websites and books that substantiate the claims I make.

However, more than negatively detailing the horrors of the psych/pharma industry, I am going to detail real, useful, proven alternatives, natural energy healing techniques, and simple diet, exercise and self-prevention tips to stay mentally, emotionally and spiritually well.

I want to help you clear any mental distress you may be feeling, to heal the trauma that created the emotional upset, and to then help you stay in a state of complete spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.

You don't need to put yourself in a drug induced stupor and stay stuck, never escaping your problems, you don't need to harm yourself by trusting your care to the mental health industry.

Some how our society has become so disempowered, so separate from our true selves that we believe taking a pill of strange, unnatural chemical compounds, that even the makers admit to being highly dangerous to our health,will restore ourselves to our natural state of wellbeing, balance and equilibrium.

Now it's time for us to return to our true nature, to heal ourselves with the power of being who we truly are. regaining health and vitality in all areas of our lives, the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. It's all connected and we need to respect and care for every aspect of ourselves to be truly well.

For now, Be Well.

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