Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Beautiful Healthy Mind ToolKit

Maintenance  is the key to keeping anything of value in good working order. We practice maintenance on our homes, cars, tools, household machinery, infrastructure and so on.

Somce of us are aware enough to go beyond practising maintenance simply on the things in our lives and use this discipline to improve relationships, careers, bodies and other intangible areas of life.

Most of us are aware of the need to maintain our bodies to ensure good physical health, and yet there's not many people who have a daily practice of maintenance to develop and keep good emotional, mental and spiritual health.

We seem to simply expect to enjoy good health in these areas and are surprised, frustrated and ultimately distressed when we lose our emotional and mental balance and well-being.

Thankfully, there is a growing trend for energy healing including meditation, yoga and tapping (EFT) sweeping the world, a trend that is truly a guardian of emotional and mental good health.

Yet, there are still so many people unaware that how they feel is essentially their own choice, truly a choice of their own, they decide how they feel, and yet they remain at the mercy of their feelings, trapped by their own lack of maintenance and self discipline.

Once one has suffered mental distress, no matter how severe its manifestation, it's important you start harnessing strategies that can be used to help you recover and then to safeguard you from a return to dark days.

It is so important to practice preventention, to take control of one's emotions to ensure emotional well-being and balance as a constant state.

I have a number of strategies that I use daily to ensure my emotional equilibrium, and beyond that some techniques I use to clear negative emotions, so that I am able to live freely from their impact.

I can them my tools, and like any master craftsman, I take care of them, use them appropriately, choose to learn more and improve in my use of them, and they aid me in my drive to achieve a happy, healthy state of being as my emotional setpoint.

I'll describe a slew of tools here, not all will be compatible with you right now,however I woudl suggest you try them all, no matter how sceptic you feel about it's efficiacy. You'll be amazed at what works for you, some will clear stuck energy, some will uplift you, others will simply keep you steady day after day.

I urge you to build up your emotional health toolkit and learn which particular processes help you in each circumstance you face. Discover what works for you, when it works, and do it, regularly.

I've found that even the best of us can get complacent and I know when I stop practising my daily routine for emotional health, I very quickly feel the effects and get sluggish, feel low, lethergic and skirting depression.

This takes self discipline, just like the routine you use to promote a healthy body. Sometimes you have to compel yourself to stick to healthy foods in your diet and to complete your exercise programme. Likewise occasionally you will have to compel yourself to complete your emotional and mental health routine, probably most likely at the beginning before it becomes habitual. Soon, you'll no sooner think of missing your daily meditation than you would miss brushing your teeth.

As you build your toolkit, practice your daily wellbeing processes, learn and develop your emotional and mental muscles, you'll realise there's no reasonf or you to suffer through a bad day again.

Don't just carry your toolkit around with you, open it up and use it!

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