Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dirty Big Pharma Tricks that Risk Your Health for Profit

In a December 22, 2010 article, Martha Rosenberg spells out the many ways drug companies maintain their standing as the third most profitable industry sector in the US, despite a dwindling economy and poor publicity.
She hits the nail on the head in her evaluation of their “winning” tactics:
“[B]y cheating the government, misrepresenting science, bribing doctors, patients and pharmacies, and squeezing the FDA.
… Pharma has often been criticized for lack of creativity in developing new drugs. But these dirty tricks show its creativity is alive and well when it comes to putting the public at risk just to turn a profit.”
Yes, the drug industry has shown a remarkable knack for creativity when it comes to misleading the public, lying to doctors, and swindling our government out of dwindling resources.
Rosenberg comes up with no less than 15 different unethical strategies employed by the industry to ensure their survival while risking yours. I highly recommend reading through her article for an eye-opening look at “how it’s done.”
We’ve seen an increasing lack of ethical behavior from the drug industry in recent years. Deceptive propaganda is at an all-time high, while out-and-out criminality appears to have become standard practice.
Together, these two factors are destroying the health of millions, bankrupting both individuals and our government, and undermining the very foundation of what “medical science” is supposed to entail.
The United States seems to be moving towards fascism in which there is an unholy alliance and merger between government and corporate interests.
However, there is a ray of hope.
Organizations like the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the False Claims Act Legal Center, and Politicol News are now starting to investigate and publicize the illegal and criminal actions that these companies have been getting away with for years.
Thanks to the federal False Claims Act, state and federal investigators have a gun that they can use to hunt down and prosecute these heinous crimes with. If you visit the False Claims Act Legal Center website, you’ll get a hint of just how much this type of corporate has been going on.
But again, it’s just a hint, just the tip of an iceberg. What it does prove, however, is that Big Pharma can’t be trusted. They have the criminal history to prove it.
That said, I urge you to step off this out-of-control train; to reconsider the use of drugs both for yourself and for your children. As I mentioned earlier, the vast majority of health problems now treated with drugs are both preventable and treatable without drugs.
So please, do your homework, and remember that lifestyle changes ARE the cures you’re looking for. Pills will never, ever address the underlying cause of your health problems.
That’s not what they’re designed to do!

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