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Stunning Facts About Mental Health In The African American Community That’ll Blow Your Mind

Let’s Get Better: Stunning Facts About Mental Health In The African American Community That’ll Blow Your Mind

Posted on December 4th, 2012 - By Bossip Staff
Jovan Belcher

Surprising Mental Health Facts

We’re sure by now you’ve heard of the tragedy that struck the Kansas City Chiefs organization as Jovan Belcher murdered the mother of his child and killed himself. The whole story is a rude awakening about the struggles of mental health, especially in the African American community.

We’re taking this time to highlight some alarming facts that we should all pay attention to and find ways to make our situations better. Take a look. And take notes.

Less than half of African American adults with mental illness seek treatment and less than one third of their children receive treatment.

African Americans make up forty percent of the homeless population. The majority of them are suffering from mental illnesses and are self-medicating

Seven percent of African American men will suffer from depression in their lifetimes.

 A negative stigma and the cost of treatment is preventing too many from getting proper care
Suicide rate for African American men was almost five times that of African American women in 2009

African Americans are 20 percent more likely to report having serious psychological distress than Whites

Whites are twice as likely to receive antidepressant treatment than African Americans

Suicide Rate for African-Americans is 60 percent lower than that of Non-hispanic Whites
From 1980 to 1995 the suicide rate among African Americans ages 10 to 14 increased 233 percent as compared to 120 percent in Whites

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