This is an email from Brendon Burchard that so resonates with me I had to share with you, please watch his video, so profound.

email starts here:
   I think 'limiting beliefs' get too much airplay in the self-help world.

Amplifying what is great within you will certainly accelerate your life faster than fixing what you *think* limits you.

I wrote about some of this in my book THE CHARGE, but here's more detail...
Watch: Limiting beliefs aren't holding you back, limited vision is:
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I also posted it on my FB page here:

It's popular to obsess about our faults and insecurities and limits, of course, but it doesn't propel us forward.

Your limited beliefs will always be there. The question is: do they win, or do you?

Do you rise to the calling of greatness and service in your heart, or shrink to the thought of what limits you?

Magic resides within you. Live it.

Sending you blessings for an energized and engaging day,

-- Brendon