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Natural healing tips for depression
(NaturalHealth365) Natural healing doesn’t have to be complicated – especially when it comes to helping people with depression or anxiety. With the right information – you can virtually eliminate the symptoms of depression without harmful (toxic) drugs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every ten people reports being depressed. The findings were that people between 45 and 64 were the most depressed, with women outnumbering men. The deep south of the United States had the highest levels of depression, in some areas ranging up to 15 percent.

Why is there so much depression?
If you look closely at our diets and lifestyles, you can see how they’ve contributed to certain conditions associated with depression. We see diabetes; allergies; chronic fatigue; hypoglycemia; hypothyroidism; heavy metal toxicity; and many more as contributing factors. Also, we have to consider all the different drugs people ingest on a regular basis.
Add to this excessive caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and a lack of proper exercise, and it’s actually a wonder more people aren’t depressed. What could people possibly be thinking?

How is memory loss connected to depression?
Depression accounts for at least 10 percent of all cases of cognitive impairment. What we mistakenly believe are the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease may in fact be symptoms of clinical depression. In one study, 30 percent of folks over 65 were found to suffer from clinical depression.

That adds another 15 million people to the already 40 million plus depressed people in the United States alone.

If a major depression lasts for as long as a decade, it can be a contributing factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This can be detected by a deficiency in norepinephrine, which is responsible for stimulation. When this neurotransmitter is in short supply, people tend to speak and move more slowly and exhibit a faraway gaze or blank stare.

Drugs and alcohol will promote depression
People who are depressed also find it easy to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, which only compounds the problem. Alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs affect production and function of norepinephrine. Herein lies a big problem: alcohol, as an example, activates the brain’s pleasure centers, which means that naturally occurring endorphins (opiates that produce pleasant feelings of well-being) are not being produced.

So, the end result is that one drinks more and more in an attempt to keep these opiate receptor sites open and activated. This means the body isn’t producing its own natural endorphins to fill the need to feel good.

Alcohol and other drugs also reduce the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.
Dopamine is what activates the brain’s pleasure centers, responsible for personal feelings of peace and contentment. Serotonin when in short supply creates depression. When serotonin is deficient, it is hard to maintain emotional control. Both the chemical drug Prozac and the naturally grown herb St. John’s Wort inhibit serotonin destruction.

Natural healing remedies will NOT threaten your life

Of course, St. John’s Wort doesn’t have the side effects that Prozac does. Another safe supplement that has been successfully used is SAMe, which has no side effects and works by increasing the glutathione levels in brain cells and preventing the dangerous lipid
peroxidation that destroys these cells. Glutathione is richly supplied in asparagus, avocado, and walnuts. SAMe also alleviates depression by halting the continual looping of depressing thoughts.

When we consider that all thoughts are electrochemical signals processed by the brain and endocrine system, shouldn’t it make us more conscious of how those thoughts affect our mental and physical health?

Are negative thoughts slowly killing you?
Just consider how we can literally wear ourselves out with anger, sadness, envy, fear, and worry. All of us know what energy drains such emotions can be. So, what can we do about it?
First, establish a regular exercise program. Exercise will flush your body with those great-feeling opiates called endorphins; it allows your body to naturally fill those receptor sites and give you that overall feeling of well-being. Next, learn to relax your mind. Set aside a regular time each day for meditation.

Developing the ability to simply watch your thoughts will, in time, give you the strength to focus only on the ones that are beneficial. As your concentration gets stronger, like a trained muscle, you’ll be able to maintain a very peaceful state where you’re not at all affected by what you think.

The day may then come when you realize you’re far more than your thoughts and you’re actually the one in control of what happens to you. This is when you go from depression to elation and experience a deep inner peace.

I hope that these insights serve you well and you’ve found them beneficial. Please share your comments – below.

About the author: Pre-baby boomer Peter Ragnar has written over twenty-eights books and published courses on every aspect of personal development. He feeds the thirst for those special individuals who are on the quest for human excellence around the world. His fascinating and unique line of products, including “Magnetic Qi Gong,” can be found at:

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