Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3 Anti-Depression Tips for the Body

anti depression tipsOften times when you are depressed, the body feels lethargic and physically thinks it can’t handle it, so, it’s important to shock your body out of depression. Specifically in the morning, sometimes it’s hard to get up and out of bed to start your day.
Here are some tips that might help break through the morning blues:

1. Jump out of bed, literally. Sometime when we are depressed we do not want to get out of bed. Notice I said we do not want, not can not. Unless you are physically disabled, you can get out of bed. Throw those covers off, jump out, then take a deep breath and congratulate yourself.
One small step, one big step out of depression.

2. Shower. Start the water. You don’t have to stand in the shower. You can sit down in the tub and let the shower run down. It’s relaxing and you’re still going to get clean. Sometimes we think of a shower as a terrible chore, especially when we are down and out, so make it comfortable. Draw a bath or take a shower sitting down.
Good clean fun.

3. Clothes. Get rid of your depression clothes. Lose those sweatpants, baggy gray rocky balboa sweat suit gear, and create a colorful healthy fun look. Ok, maybe you don’t feel like it, but you have other clothes. There are other opportunities waiting in your closet for you to take advantage of, so, do it and help make your depression more manageable.

Colorful clothes can heighten your mood.

When we are depressed sometimes we feel trapped in our mind and in our body, however, these simple tips, even if you only do one, will physically alter your state of mind and help work towards a healthy recovery.
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