Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Advantages Of Global Spirituality For Mental Health

1. Research shows folks with a spiritual orientation towards life deal better with challenges and adversity, and experience a range of benefits for greater mental and physical health. Many people, tired of the unfulfilled promises of modern medical technology to cure and prevent diseases and emotional ills, are looking to alternative healing methods, especially ones that emphasize spiritual awareness and cultivation. Read below how a growing global spirituality can benefit the mental well-being of folks everywhere.

2. Individuals cultivating a spiritual lifestyle tend to havefewer anxieties about the future, including having less fear about death. Generally, these folks enjoy greater well- being, a relatively stress-free life, and meeting challenges with enthusiasm. The key factor is not any specific belief system, but rather the devotion and dedication of actions and thoughts to a higher power controlling the lives of human beings and all life on the planet.

3. Spiritual cultivators generally build lives on attitudes of gratefulness, whatever the circumstances. Gratitude, according to countless research on the subject, is widely perceived as a powerful personal resource against emotional ills. Its also a great source of motivation andoverall happiness, encourages a positive outlook, and adds energy and vitality to ones life.

4. When imbued with a sense of spiritual awareness, individuals tend to be optimistic about life and personalcircumstances. Optimism has also been linked with greater psychological wellness, because of its capacity to helppeople interpret hardship in positive terms. The conviction that everything will eventually work out to everyones advantage is often an effective barrier against being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

5. Individuals cultivating a spiritual life usually see challenging and stressful situations as tests and lessons from which to draw insights and strength. In this way, anxiety-provoking events have little negative impact,because these are perceived as less threatening. Difficult situations become opportunities for character development and growth, with an underlying spiritualmessage for the person experiencing trials and hardship.

6. One hallmark of individuals with an interest in cultivating the spiritual life is the complete trust such folks have in the guidance of a higher hand. Even seemingly random and nonsensical events and circumstances arent being fret about. This also means these individuals are rarely troubled by worries and anxiety about what happens, because of the conviction that a higher being knows about, and is in charge of, everything.

7. Generally, folks cultivating spirituality prefer a meditative lifestyle. This involves regular mediation practice forpurposes of relaxation and receiving spiritual knowledge. This is great for mental health as well, since its aneffective way to boost the bodys immune system, get rid of stress, and to restore the mind and spirit to function with clarity and calm.

8. Adopting mindfulness as lifestyle is another facet of cultivating a spiritual life. This helps to keep folksgrounded and aware of the present, and prevents dwellingon the past or fretting about the future. Besides being the perfect antidote for stress and anxiety, it also instills a sense of awe for the little things in life, whether its the sight of a lovely garden or the sound of the wind rushing through trees. The spread of global spirituality benefitshuman beings and the planet in many ways. Its especially valuable for mental health and well-being.


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