Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wisdom from Lisa Haisha

I tune into and listen to many coaching calls, speaker coaching and spiritual webinars and I usually just let the words flow over me as I get on with my work and whatever I have to do. However,  I realised I was missing a lot of the value of the speakers involved in the calls I was half-listening to, so I decided to listen consciously, take notes and share the great quotes and wisdom I gain with you.

The quotes are not always verbatim as I have taken down what was appropriate to my learnings and what I heard through my filters and perceptions, however I feel I always glean some great truth and insights, and I want to share them with you.

I'm starting with Lisa Haisha, who as a guest on the Chris Howard's Professional Speaking Business webinar series.

Who is Lisa Haisha?
Hollywood Counselor and Humanitarian,  Lisa is a personal counselor to some of the biggest stars
stars and executives in the entertainment industry.

She is the originator of the unique and powerful counseling approach known as "Soul Blazing" and today she outlined what can be accomplished with Soul Blazing.

Lisa has found that everyone has at least 8 personality "impostors" or character types that can help or hinder your your progress toward your goals. These "impostors" can control your life as they manifest themselves as narcissist, philosopher, clown, or wounded inner child.

Gaining control over and managing these influences will lead you to a more satisfying and successful life.

If you are a struggling speaker having difficulty connecting with your audiences, there is much you can learn from Lisa.

Lisa will help you become more productive. Every Sunday evening she makes a list of what she needs to accomplish the following week and meditates to focus on it. She puts Mind-Body-Spirit
first, with items having to do with spirituality, health and giving back at the top of each list.

So here's my interpretation of the interview, I really want you to get something good from this too...

Keep your integrity with your story, live you, be you, don't be a fake.

Travel and you will see all problems are universal, human beings have the same need for connection across the world.

Come from a place of what you can give. Understand what you need, but ask what can I give? and offer information from your soul.

Decide you want to touch, heal or move forward as ,amy people as possible in the audience.

State your course, stand your ground, know who you are and what you represent.

Master communication first with yourself, then with the world and you can do anything.

You can't build a business if you don't know who you are, or if you irritate others because you're not being authentic or true.

Not everyone is going to like you, you simply have to be you regardless. You're not going to affect everyone, yet you still must be you. You mustn't worry about what others think of you or allow their perceptions to change you or shift you from your path and who you are, or you betray yourself. then you lose self esteem as you feel you're acting from a false place and losing integrity.

Who are you? Get grounded in that. Learn all about you and who you really are. What makes you switch into manipulation, what masks do you use to manipulate others and ask yourself how you can get what you want without deceit, and without hurting or misleading others.

Expect to create success. Expect everything to work out for you.

Don't care about what others think, if you're acting authentically, you'll be working for the good of all and yourself. Want to create magic and miracles.

Focus on everything working out, look around for the mircales, see them , they are there, and be grateful for them showing up in your life. Miracles won't show up unless you're grateful for the life you're living.

Let life work out for you, allow it. It just works.

Be in alignment. Let yourself meet your soul family, other people in the world, and bring something with you so you can leave it behind, creating a memory for the people you've meet and whose life you've touched. Don't just take memeories with you, build a karma bank by leaving good stuff behind.

Be brazen and expect good things and give, give, give. don't just take. When you go out in the world with this attitude, miracles happen, adventures happen and you fill up your soul. And when your soul is filled and enriched, you have so much more to give and people can hear you and your message and they sense your realness and your truth.

Live your life, don't just try to create money.

Happiness comes from knowing yourself and loving yourself. Despair and darkness usually comes from something in childhood, and yet we all have the same issues, 'I'm not good enough' or 'I'm not worthy', everyone suffers from the same issue that is lack of self esteem.

Living a good life is about how you handle it, how you overcome it, that's what makes the difference.

Learn how to rebild your self esteem. We all have an intuitive voice within, sort through all the ego noises until you find that one true voice and listen to that. It's powerful, get in touch with it and with who you really are. Stop betraying yourself and stay on yoru path.

Release the memories and feelings that make you feel bad, you're adult now, it's time to take care of yourself, take responsibility, show up, be persistent and do the work.

Sit in nature, talk to yourself and let the answers come to you.

You have a choice, dig deeper, overcome ego and fear, get over your self esteem issues and choice your truth.

Show up for yourself.

Business Tips:
Start building a list
Write for other peoples blogs
Comment on other peoples blogs with links back to your own and build traffic
Commit real time and effort, show you're serious, that you're here for the long haul and are the real deal
Build a strong platform, know what makes you unique, show up and be real.

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