Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mental Health Should be Taken Seriously

Mental Health Should be Taken Seriously
Mental Health Should be Taken Seriously
The National Mental Health Commission said that mental health issues should be taken seriously in Australia. They are also going to launch first report card about mental health in Sydney on Tuesday.

The commission officials have asked federal, state and territory governments to get together and work to deal with the issue. It has been found that authorities concerned are not able to detect the problem on time. The delay has been proving expensive not only for patients and their families, but also for health authorities.

According to the report, one in five Australian suffer mental health problem. The problem does not get checked on time and it get increased to such an extent that people takes their own life. Commission chairman Allan Fels said that suicide rate can be decreased if emphasis is given to detect the problem at an early stage.

"You shouldn't have a situation in Australia where so many people have to be treated in that way because we didn't get to them earlier", said Fels. He said different approaches should be tried by doctors, so that they can properly address the mental health issue. It is expected that things will improve from now on.

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  1. I just saw that suicide is a big problem, in Austrailia because mental health, doesn`t get the attention it should ! It`s not the only place that needs to change, the way they deal with, so do we in America!